A Dream Come True

A Dream Come True

On May 11th, our dream of owning a gift shop came true! With the opening of Painted Tree Boutiques Glen Allen, we became shop owners. You can find our shop at booth G3, near the dressing rooms and surrounded by lots of other great vendors and fun products.

For years, my husband and I have been selling our own handmade jewelry, but I have always wanted to have a little gift shop where I could sell fun, modern gifts and accessories too. I wanted a place that I would enjoy shopping at. Going to other retailers, I hardly ever find the kind of things that truly suit my taste. Many places have embraced the farmhouse chic lifestyle and so many products are geared to that aesthetic, but it is just not me. I like fun, colorful, modern, artsy, unique, and different. I like comfort but with style. I like bold with a touch of classic. I may be a walking set of contradictions, but I know what I like when I see it. I wanted to make or find those things and share them with others like me who feel like they are not represented when they shop most stores.

I hope that the minute you see our bright space filled with colorful gifts for home or jewelry and accessories you'll enjoy wearing, that you'll be excited for the possibilities. Maybe our little shop is the one that has just the kinds of thing you've been looking for!

If you're in the Richmond area, I hope you'll come by and see our space. Either way, we'll continue to add fun new products to the website so there is always something extra special to enjoy!

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