Celebrating Books & Local Book Stores!

Celebrating Books & Local Book Stores!

We had the great pleasure last holiday season to be part of a local bookstore's Novelty Nook, a part of the store that was dedicated to handmade gifts, especially those celebrating books and reading.

This month, for April, the store is once again featuring an artist's corner as part of a month-long celebration for Independent Book Store Day on the last Saturday of the month.

Midlothian Book Exchange (www.midlothianbookexchange) is a great used book store filled with every genre. I enjoy a good mystery and was excited to find lots of great options there.

As part of this month's Independent Book Store celebration, I enjoyed playing with new ideas to create jewelry featuring book themes. You'll now find reading and book themed charm bracelets, book charm earrings, and necklaces featuring mini books, some that really open!

If you're in the Richmond, VA area and you love a good book, stop by Midlothian Book Exchange to not only peruse their incredible selection, but don't miss out on this month's artist's corner for fun thematic gifts!

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