It's A Mad Mad World

It's A Mad Mad World

A few years ago, Lollie's Mad Mad World was born when I merged my long-time jewelry business, Lollie's, with the new venture to manage art sales for other artists, namely, my husband, Jay and my dear friend, Ichshe (I-She).

Both artists are extremely talented but we all create completely different things. Ichshe creates wild, fun collages that have as much personality as the artist herself. Jay, known as J2, does photography, spray paint art, and other mixed media work. (More info on J2's latest project coming soon!) Then there is me with my jewelry designs and sewn gifts. I love our diversity but how to merge them all together.

For a long time now, I have referred to my life as the Mad Hatter's Tea Party. Bipolar and arthritis means my husband may be active one day and down the next. My son and I have ADHD meaning we're all over the place. Squirrel! So, like the famous tea party, we switch seats, joyously sing 'new cup, new cup!' and find ourselves readjusting as needed to suit the day and the mood. Its our way of life and one we are okay with once we got used to the slight insanity of it all.

Our Mad Hatter's Tea Party way of life seemed like a perfect metaphor for this new business venture too. I mean, how else can I blend wild collages, imaginative paintings and photographs, jewelry that ranges from casual to sophisticated, and fun gifts under one umbrella. Well, it's all part of our mad little tea party!

We invite you to take a seat, grab a cup, and enjoy a visit with us!

Shopping with us makes you more than a customer, you're a friend. When you buy from us, you can bet that one of us is literally doing a happy dance! (Ichshe is our rock n' roll queen - she's got some moves!) Shopping from our crazy little clan means supporting families and handmade. We appreciate you and hope you have a great time visiting with us. Thanks for stopping by!

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